New Year, New Moon

Filed under Reflections on March 28, 2017

We are so enmeshed in the cycles of the Moon that we hardly realize it. Did you know that Monday is named after the Moon? It’s literally Moon Day. I’m sure you also knew that one Month is the time it takes for the Moon to circle the earth. It’s literally a “Moonth.”

It’s not just our calendaring system that is influenced by the Moon. Anyone who works with the soil has, at the very least, an empirical understanding of the Moon’s effects on the planting and harvesting cycles. Different plants prefer different lunar cycles depending on the need for seed sprouting, leaf growth, or root growth.

Moon Cycles Simplified

In general, this is how you want to use the Moon cycles:

New Moon — Plant seeds, start new projects, ideate, collaborate, etc.

Waxing Moon — Work hard, stay focused, refine, build, expand.

Full Moon — Complete, celebrate, climax, don’t start anything new.

Waning Moon — Relax, review, rest, make notes, wait.

2017 Predictions

Monday was the first new Moon of the Astrological New Year (which is always in Aries). In Hellenistic astrology, we use the Spring Equinox chart of the astrological new year as the basis for most predictions in the coming year. This is because events always happen in the context of an environment and the spring equinox chart sets the tone for the year. Here are some notable qualities of Astrological 2017 (March 2017 – February 2018).

Capricorn Rising with Saturn Conjoined Moon in Sagittarius in the 12th House

2017 will continue to be an emotionally frustrating year with cause for concern regarding institutions, prisons, and hospitals. The global climate will continue to erode emotional well-being and challenge even the most resilient individuals. Needs will go unmet and metaphorical bandaids will continue to be ripped off.

10th House Ruler in Detriment

Old, corporate-style leadership will stagnate causing more frustration in the workplace. Empty threats will be made. Good opportunity for ambitious new leaders to step forward and incite change.

Leo to Complete Strong Fire Trine

There’s a strong Sagittarius and Aries signature in this chart with a glaring opening for Leo energy in the 7th and 8th house. This could speak to the power of relationships to transform all of the stagnant energy. Transformative and meaningful entertainment has a lot of strength as well. Good opportunity to blend passion with purpose.

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