Hellenistic Time Lords

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Each point in a natal chart falls under a progressed rulership. Each point remains under the influence of that sign for its natural period of rulership. The length of rulership is derived from the synodic return cycle of a planet, or the time is takes for a planet to return and conjunct the Sun at approximately the same degree. For example, the natural rulership period of the Sun is 19 years. The personal perspective of a natal Leo rising would be owned by Leo and the Sun for the first 19 years of their life. At age nineteen, their perspective would give way to Virgo and Mercury would become the Time Lord for its synodical period of 20 years. This process can be taken one step further to find the sub-periods. By using the same units of synodical cycles as months, we see that the first sub-period of a Leo period is ruled by Leo for 19 months.


Transitions and Attitudes

Time Lord rulership is particularly important when it comes to looking at transition points and overall attitudes of an individual. For example, a Leo time period with a well-placed Sun will indicate a lot of positivity, general well being, and a desire to create and express oneself. Moving to a Virgo period will turn the individual dramatically inward with a newfound interest for introspection, gathering information, and perfecting skills discovered during the Leo rulership. Additionally, many astrologers mistakenly look for any and all aspects to points in the natal chart. However, The Time Lord ruler and sub-ruler are the only planets that will influence an individual over time.

Loosening of the Bonds

There will be a length of time when the sub-periods complete, yet the main period has not ended. A Leo period is 19 years, but the sub periods complete with 17 months to spare. This is called Loosening of the Bonds (LB) and the rulership jumps to the other side of the zodiac. In the graphic above, you’ll notice that Leo will jump to Aquarius for the remaining 17 months of the main period. If the period were longer, Aquarius would complete its 30 month cycle and progress to Pisces. Loosening of the Bonds is either a very positive or a very challenging event. When Leo experiences LB and jumps to Aquarius, it is generally a very unfortunate situation because the signs are highly incompatible and it is a move from a light to a dark sign.

Light and Dark


Based on the March Ingress orientation of the tropical zodiac, whereby Capricorn and Cancer mark the winter and summer solstices, the Zodiac is broken into signs of light and darkness. The signs surrounding the summer solstice are light and the signs surrounding the winter solstice are dark. The only exception is that Aries and Scorpio are reversed. It’s important to note whether the LB will be jumping from light to dark or from dark to light. This will characterize the jump as being either beneficial or challenging. For example, moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn is a harsh transition. Sagittarius has a wild, open, careless disposition. Moving to Capricorn, the individual must face the chilling realities of a world that needs help, a life that requires responsibility, and a heart that craves security.

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