I have throughly enjoyed and grown from my sessions with Danny. He has the special gift of being able to navigate through and connect the dots between astrology, life coaching, and business coaching. Besides helping me dig deeper, he has helped me draw a very clear roadmap to recognizing, honoring, and balancing my strengths and working on my weaknesses. His astrological readings are informative and on point, and I look forward to each session. — Roma, Los Angeles, CA

Danny has been one of the most inspirational and influential people in my life. His confidence and positive energy are infectious, as well as his enthusiasm for life and personal growth. He has an innate ability to nurture and care for others, as well as help them to discover the beauty in themselves and realize their journey through spiritual practices. I have personally sought out his guidance in using the law of attraction and meditation as well as his power animal workshop and astrology readings. I currently have been using meditation and law of attraction in my daily life and it has completely transformed how I look at the world as well as the people and events that I have manifested. Danny has helped me to find clarity in a world that once seemed random and chaotic, and I am filled with gratitude for his continued assistance and support. — Liz, Las Vegas, NV

My first impression of Danny was how comforting and personable he was. He’s one of those beautiful souls that really understood me upon meeting me. He feels more like a friend to me rather than a coach and I like that because he is also very insightful. He’s helped me make sense of my path and given some great advice based on a multiple techniques, (numerology, astrology, etc.). After every time I speak with Danny I feel rejuvenated and even more excited for life. If you’re looking for a fun spiritual coach I highly suggest Danny. He’s helped with my highest vibration of alignment and I look forward to continuing to live in joy through the teachings and support of Danny. — Nate, Los Angeles, CA

Danny has guided me through significant life changes and moved me towards clarity and a stronger understanding of myself. Even though he lives across the country, he was able to help me get through hard situations as if he was right there with me. There is nothing complicated about his approach to helping others because he is a natural empath. He sees and feels you as if it is a part of him. He offers no judgments, or a sense that he is putting his own biased point of view into his advice. He just lays it out there as a universal understanding of the human condition. His words are pure and true. He has nothing but love in everything that he does. I highly recommend working with Danny to discover your higher sense of self. — Alissa, Philadelphia, PA

Danny’s approach to healing is life-changing. I have worked with him in multiple modalities over the last 10 years, and each session with him has set me on a path towards deeper alignment with myself and my purpose in this lifetime. He has healed emotional wounds from a toxic relationship with reiki and EFT, has guided me on shamanic journeys that have opened up new levels of clarity in my thought processes, and was foundational in my discovery of the power of meditation and embodied-movement to transform my mood. Not to mention his always spot-on guidance grounded in hellenistic astrology. I strongly recommend his spiritual counseling for clearing any areas of resistance in your life. If you are anything like me, you will walk away with a happier and healthier mind, body and spirit. — Kathryn, San Diego, CA

“I highly recommend Danny. He is genuine and really works to find a solution to make you feel better. He was very accurate with his astrology reading — he nailed it, right where I was blocked. The best part is he used a guided meditation to help me get rid of a fear… and it worked. Thanks for being of service to the world! You are amazing!” — Yadira, Irvine, CA