House Meaning

Filed under Astrology Intro Topics on August 30, 2015

Each house represents an aspect of terrestrial life, which allows the astrologer to read which area of life an event will occur or a personality trait will express. Each house is flavored by the planets that control that faculty of life. For example, Mercury and Saturn own the first house, which describes an individual’s ability to outsmart (Mercury) the difficulties (Saturn) that life throws our way. Understanding the meaning of each house and the planets that fall there is crucial to reading a chart.


1st House – The Self

Ruled by Mercury and Saturn, the first house represents the individuals ability to outsmart the challenges they encounter along their life path.

2nd House – Possessions

Ruled by Jupiter, the second house represents how we take take our skills and find a way to make a living out of them.

3rd House – Environment

Ruled Mars and the Moon, the third house represents how we discover our environment and create routines to establish success.

4th House – Home

Ruled by the Sun, the fourth house represents how we establish our core value system and create a comfortable nest for ourselves.

5th House – Fun

Ruled by Venus, the fifth house represents our capacity to have fun and how we choose to go about relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

6th House – Slings & Arrows

Ruled by Mars and Mercury, the sixth house represents our ill-health and our capacity to avoid and outsmart dangerous situations.

7th House – Partnership

Ruled by the Moon, the seventh house represents our desire to find a partner who reflects and validates our personality.

8th House – Death

Ruled by Saturn, the eighth house represents hidden obstacles, things out of our view, as well as our death experience.

9th House – Spirituality

Ruled by Jupiter and the Sun, the ninth house represents higher ideals, reaching for perfection, and our capacity to learn.

10th House – Career

Ruled by Mars, the tenth house represents all that we strive for in terms of career, satisfaction, and success.

11th House – Hopes

Ruled by the Sun and Jupiter, the eleventh house represents our hopes and dreams, friendships, and capacity for humanitarianism.

12th House – Sorrow

Ruled by Saturn and Venus, the twelth house represents our sorrows and pains; the things we do that we don’t think we’ll get caught for.