Guardian Angel Planet

Filed under Intro Topics on December 18, 2014

Who is your guardian angel planet? We all have a planet in our chart that serves to protect and guide us in times of confusion. The strength and positioning of your guardian angel planet tells a lot about its ability to help you. For example, a Mercury guardian angel planet in the sign of Virgo (Mercury’s exaltation) would be very clear, loud, and specific about his advice. Sometimes he might even take care of all of the details and planning so you can relax. However, in Sagittarius (his detriment), he will still help, but might be all too assuming that everything will go as planned without double and triple-checking the itineraries.

Venus as a guardian angel will make sure that you are always accommodated for and have the most relaxing end result. Even with a powerful Martian natal chart, a guardian angel Venus will make sure all ends well. Mars as a guardian angel will make sure to stand up for yourself even when you don’t know how. He’ll inspire the person next to you to draw their sword instead. Jupiter as a guardian angel will provide you with everything you need at all times, even when you least expected it.

Want to know who your guardian angel is? Your guardian angel is the planet closest to 24˚30′ without going over. It’s like blackjack.