Sign Ownership

Filed under Astrology Intro Topics on May 14, 2015

Each of the twelve signs make up 30 ̊ of the 360 ̊ zodiac circle. The absolute longitude of a planet is the distance from 0 ̊ Aries that it falls. For example, the Sun at 3 ̊ Taurus is equivalent to an absolute longitude would of 33 ̊. The secondary measurement system is based on 60 minutes. After 29 ̊59’ minutes of arc, a sign gives way to the next. The Sun and Moon, as the King and Queen of the zodiac, only own one sign. The five other major planets own two signs, a day and a night ruler. The strength or weakness of a planet colors the signs it owns. For example: if Mercury is in Gemini, any other planet in Gemini or Virgo is strengthened.