Past Life Regressions

Filed under Reflections on March 14, 2016

Wow. Just had a past life regression and it was mind-boggling. I couldn’t believe how vivid and familiar the entire experience was. It was the first time I was formally hypnotized, but it was a very gentle trance and I remember everything more clearly than most vivid memories.

The first memory, I was looking down at my boots, which felt sort of military. I was wearing a green and brown outfit and was hunting in the woods. When I went back to the house, there was a small gathering in the living room. My wife, daughter, and some family friends were over. I recognized my daughter immediately as someone in my life today. I could definitely see that everyone was Asian, but wasn’t sure if we were Chinese, Japanese, or something else. The forest and landscape was extremely green with many small, pointy, hills and mountains, but my conscious mind hadn’t seen anything like it before.

In the next memory I was on a tarmac in formal military attire. I was holding papers and a pen and could tell I was an officer of some sort. Two pilots walked up to me and I recognized them right away as people in my life today. They reported to me and I felt a great sense of camaraderie, pride, and responsibility for them. I soon could tell that there were also Americans around. I suddenly had an idea that this was the Korean War.

During the rest of my regression, I was guided to release traumatic memories and energy from my celestial and physical bodies. There were some scary moments, but never terrifying. Mostly, it was extremely interesting and fun. The storylines I watched were so vivid and so extremely familiar and yet it’s hard to communicate exactly how true the whole experience really was.

I’ve already started looking at programs to study past life regression techniques. This was one of the most influential healing processes I’ve ever experienced and I would love to add it to my toolbox.

So, goodbye for now — an Officer of the Korean War