Spiritual Awakening

Filed under Reflections on February 17, 2016

Spiritual awakening is something we usually only read in text books. Many of my colleagues and clients are coming to me with similar complaints: feeling very strange of late, feeling that life is particularly heavy or confusing, refusing to work a day longer in a field that is of no profound interest, feeling sudden inspiration to move but not sure to where, feeling lightheaded, and fluctuating from immense confidence to indecision. There are many reasons why individuals could be feeling this way on their own, but when many people are feeling a specific way, this should be investigated with curiosity. Of course, it’s clear that these experiences are indicative of a shift in collective consciousness.

Earth has been through many incarnations with many different types of beings and evolutionary cycles. As with many planets in the third density, fear becomes a major element of the collective consciousness leading to an aggressive and warring culture. In order to preserve free will and allow the race to develop on its own, the planet is sometimes placed in a quarantined state. This quarantine is facilitated by the leadership of the galaxy so that beings of the planet may find their own way together. An additional side effect of this quarantine is that certain spiritual information and telepathic connections are withheld or limited.

Earth has been in a quarantined state for quite some time. I’m happy to relay to you that this quarantine has recently been lifted. It did not necessarily happen all at once, but there was a major shift in early January that caused a major influx of spiritual wisdom and energy. There is so much love coming from Source, from other Beings of our Galaxy, and from the Earth itself. It it our destiny to migrate to the 4th density of unconditional love, while making peace with every race on our planet in preparation for becoming a part of the Galactic Community.

We are an interesting bunch of beings on this planet and have been closely supported and monitored for our ability to simultaneously love and cause immense harm within the same moment. This is due to the diversity of our DNA and the many different contributions made to our heritage by other galactic races throughout history.

I find it humorous when scientists explain that other inhabitable planets in our galaxy are ‘highly unlikely.’ Of course they mean well, but this is too funny! Humans’ understanding of what can exist and where it can exist is highly limited. Additionally, we can only see what is within our realm of density so anything more spiritually evolved than us is not visible to the eye.

In any case, the guidance being received is to open your minds and hearts, and to prepare yourself to move forward on this beautiful journey that we’ve all been waiting to be a part of. You are unique, important, and a part of Source. You are so loved!