Hellenistic Time Lords

Filed under Advanced Topics, Astrology on November 2, 2015

Each point in a natal chart falls under a progressed rulership. Each point remains under the influence of that sign for its natural period of rulership. The length of rulership is derived from the synodic return cycle of a planet, or the time is takes for a planet to return and conjunct the Sun at approximately the same degree. For…

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The Planets

Filed under Astrology, Intro Topics on April 18, 2015

A planet could be likened to a car. Now whether or not that car functions would be likened to its quality or sign. Is it a red car? Is it well-oiled? A sign adds color to the planet and describes its value. Naturally, you can see how a planet, with its inherent qualities, prefers signs that match its personality. Many…

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