Leo & Fame

Filed under Astrology The Signs on March 16, 2017

I’d better watch my mouth as I talk about Leos (because I am one and I’ve got a lot of them in my life). What can I say about Leos… at our best we’re smiley, entertaining, and kind. At our worst we’re arrogant, isolated, and heartbroken. We want the best for ourselves and everyone around us, but we’re so genuinely naive that we often get into trouble and need to hide in our caves to lick our wounds.

Every sign has its achilles heel and for Leo it’s the idea of recognition, validation, affirmation, appreciation, etc. The archetype of a Leo’s dreams are always some type of fame or celebrity. This isn’t just Leo sun signs — it’s any chart where the Sun is powerful and well-integrated in the chart. For example, a Leo rising with the Sun in Libra is not going to reach out for recognition in the same way. They’ll want to be acknowledged for their group efforts and collective achievements. Moon in Leo tends to draw out the most dramatic expressions of desperation for attention and acknowledgement.

The point is, Leos need to be seen and heard. Every sign has their thing: Aries wants to win, Taurus wants security, Gemini wants fun, Cancer wants nourishment, Virgo wants expertise, Libra wants beauty, Scorpio wants intensity, Sagittarius wants adventure, Capricorn wants efficiency, Aquarius wants equanimity, Pisces wants unity… and Leo wants recognition!

There are times throughout history when certain astrological signatures were more highly revered or more distorted. Leo’s high times could be linked to times of great royalty and also times of great entertainment. The royalty of the Ancient Egyptian Pharos and the theatrics of the Renaissance capture some of these qualities. The seed of Leo contains both luxury and regality. It’s no wonder why strong Leo characters can be so bold.

But when I look through my charts at the people with 3-4 planets in Leo, there’s something going on that’s much more than pride. These people have a deep, profound, and unshakeable sense of duty. Their ‘royal’ blood translates to a deep connection with the people around them and a need to be of service. The triple and quadruple Leos I know are ‘larger than life’ individuals who work as teachers in underserved communities, social workers in community centers, and photographers documenting the world outside major cities. This is all very important work.

The irony and paradox of the Leo conflict is that there’s really no conflict at all. These people want to be acknowledged and occasionally gripe about their unrecognized hard work. But the truth is, it’s really difficult to ignore what these people accomplish. They work hard and they deserve the attention they receive… especially when they don’t ask for it. 🙂