Rising Signs

Filed under The Signs on March 27, 2017

Everyone talks a lot about their sun sign, but your rising sign is extremely important in the overall reading of your chart. Here’s what your rising sign means about you and what planet you need to learn more about in your chart. Learn more by getting an instant chart reading Free Chart Aries Ascendant You are a Martian individual and…

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The Moon in the Signs

Filed under Intro Topics, The Signs on March 24, 2017

In every chart, there’s a planet that can “hijack” your focus and take you away from your purpose. Most of the time that planet is the Moon. The Moon doesn’t simply control your emotional nature — it’s like an infant and relates to what you’re greedy for… what you’ll never get enough of. Any planets that the moon touches are going…

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Leo & Fame

Filed under Astrology, The Signs on March 16, 2017

I’d better watch my mouth as I talk about Leos (because I am one and I’ve got a lot of them in my life). What can I say about Leos… at our best we’re smiley, entertaining, and kind. At our worst we’re arrogant, isolated, and heartbroken. We want the best for ourselves and everyone around us, but we’re so genuinely…

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Sagittarius & Commitment

Filed under Astrology, The Signs on June 6, 2014

I’ve been reflecting on Sagittarius energy lately. My rising and moon are in Sagittarius and my Sun and Mercury are in the house of Sagittarius. Although I’m a Leo, I find many of my natural tendencies gravitate toward Sagittarius (with hints of Cancer and Virgo). In October, I became aware of three relationship scenarios that involved Sagittarius sun sign individuals….

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