The Moon in the Signs

Filed under Intro Topics, The Signs on March 24, 2017

In every chart, there’s a planet that can “hijack” your focus and take you away from your purpose. Most of the time that planet is the Moon. The Moon doesn’t simply control your emotional nature — it’s like an infant and relates to what you’re greedy for… what you’ll never get enough of. Any planets that the moon touches are going…

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Lunar New Year

Filed under Reflections on February 9, 2016

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Lunar New Year celebration on Sunday! It was such a beautiful experience and I appreciated every moment. Enjoy your Lunar New Year, allow all of your blessings to come in, and celebrate who you are becoming. Here’s a picture of our workshop during my talk on lunar influences.

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Out of Bounds Planets

Filed under Advanced Topics, Astrology on February 4, 2015

Have you ever used longitude and latitude to locate a point on a map? If you were to place a similar grid over the nighttime sky, you would be able to plot a point in a similar fashion. As we watch the Sun move from east to west, it follows the longitudinal pathway across the sky. You may also have…

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