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For some reason, people get so excited when Mercury is retrograde. I’m not sure when this started happening or why, but the truth is that every planet undergoes retrograde at least once a year. It’s important to review that we are to look at all of the planets as angels who want to offer their energy to a situation. Planets…

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House Meaning

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Each house represents an aspect of terrestrial life, which allows the astrologer to read which area of life an event will occur or a personality trait will express. Each house is flavored by the planets that control that faculty of life. For example, Mercury and Saturn own the first house, which describes an individual’s ability to outsmart (Mercury) the difficulties…

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Intro to Dignity

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Each planet has signs that is favors and signs in which it is weak. This is called a planet’s “dignity.” In traditional astrology, each planet is considered a living, breathing angel and wants to help its fellow human beings in whatever they seek. When a planet is strong, it is able to help and when it is in poor dignity,…

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Sign Ownership

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Each of the twelve signs make up 30 ̊ of the 360 ̊ zodiac circle. The absolute longitude of a planet is the distance from 0 ̊ Aries that it falls. For example, the Sun at 3 ̊ Taurus is equivalent to an absolute longitude would of 33 ̊. The secondary measurement system is based on 60 minutes. After 29…

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Dignity in Depth

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The condition of each sign depends entirely on the dignity of its ruler. You’ll want to think of the signs as kingdoms owned by the various planets. For example, Saturn owns Capricorn and Aquarius. If Saturn is exalted in Libra, then he also exalts Capricorn and Aquarius. Planets that fall in those two signs would be considered strong unless otherwise…

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